Tips on Making Summer Reading A Reality

If you missed last weeks Parent Council Meeting, here are some fantastic tips from Joan Kelley of the Harvard School of Education.

Making Summer Reading a Reality

  • Make a decision that books and reading will be a big part of all you do with your children this summer
  • Designate a bag as your “library book bag”
    • Go to the school/public library weekly and fill the bag with books
  • Designate a library basket/area in a central location in the house
    • Put different books of all types in the basket each week to increase reading excitement
  • Choose magazines at the library or subscribe to magazines of interest
  • Take home comics from the library, too!
  • Bring home sequels to books your children liked and read successfully
  • Put books in the car pocket, on their nightstands, or anywhere they might happen upon them and pick them up
  • Put the newspaper or a good book next to their cereal bowls and decide that breakfast will not be a time for television this summer
  • “Buddy Read” until he’s hooked
  • Share a newspaper article, younger kids’ books, magazine article that interested you
  • Take advantage of a Captive Audience  (at dinner, in the car – talk it up to build language skills or read while they’re sitting and attentive!)
  • Ease their distractions – you can turn off the TV/computer!
  • Reward them for reading– if you need to get them going, especially
  • Let them read…in lieu of a chore…later at night than you want them to…what they want to read
  • And don’t forget about the other things you can do to increase reading skills—
    • Play word games
    • Talk about interesting words you see on signs or in printed materials
    • Find any and all opportunity to talk about a big idea, then make sure that they are talking, too!

“Reading is the fundamental skill upon which all formal education depends”

-Moats, 1999; as cited in Darling & Lee, 2003/2004


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