Thank You for a Terrific Year

JP Manning Elementary School
June 20, 2012
Dear Manning Families,

As the year comes to a close, I want to personally thank you for helping to make this year such a success!  We saw tremendous growth in so many of our students in many different areas.  We saw students who jumped three, four, even five reading levels, students who mastered a critical math concept, students who learned to make better decisions, and students who increased their level of self-control.  All this truly would not be possible without the contributions of our incredible parent community who both bring more resources to the Manning and make our school such a special community.
The Parent Council was very successful this year, raising over $17,000.  Please know that these resources make a tremendous difference funding Smart Boards, our fabulous art teacher and field trips to name a few items.  Just as important as the resources, however, is the amazing work to nurture our wonderful community.  The children are visibly proud and happy at all the numerous events sponsored and organized by the parent community, and I know this makes as much difference in their lives as gaining a reading level.  Whether painting fish at the Walk for the Arts, extracting DNA at Discovery Day, making holiday crafts with their loved ones, or dunking the principal in the dunk tank, students benefited deeply from your time and generosity. This year we even got to have fun without children at the First Annual Burger Slam and it was a ton of fun!  So, thank you for all you do.  It has a huge impact on the lives of our students. I certainly hope we can count on you again next year when we can be even better!
Please take the time to enjoy time with your children this summer and be sure to keep reading and keep talking with them about subjects that interest them and you!
Yours in deep appreciation,

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