Welcome Back Manning Students

Dear Manning Families,welcome back to school

We have had a wonderful first day of school, full of hugs, hope, reflection, routines, joy and just a few nerves. We even survived the craziness of having Election Day on the first day of school! Our school population has been very stable from last year to this year and it shows in everything at the school. Students already know what to do and this will allow us to do some amazing learning this year! I, and all the staff, are excited about what we can accomplish this year. There are a lot of logistics to take care of at the beginning of the year. Most important is that you get a lot of information forms back to the school as soon as possible. All the following forms are on the right-side of your child’s new homework folder and should be sent back to school tomorrow, Friday, September 7th:

  • Parent & Student Agreement: Please take a moment to review the 2012-2013 “Guide to the Boston Public Schools” booklet with your child. There are a number of policies that you and/or your child need to sign on pages 34-36. Please read and sign this form with your child and send back to your teacher.
  • Lunch Applications: It is imperative that these lunch forms are returned even if you know you don’t qualify! Part of the school’s budget is based on the rate of return; please make every effort to help the school Secure more funds. If you do not think you qualify, you can simply sign and put a slash over the information spaces.
  • Emergency Contact Information: It is critical that we have all the updated information for your child in case of an emergency. Please be sure to fill out the back side of the form also, as there is important medical information there. Care
  • Coordination Form: This form is from the nurse’ office and helps us to know important information about your child in case of a medical issue.
  • Family Contact Information Form: We use this form to make Sure we have the most updated emails for parents so that we can communicate effectively via email. We have almost 80%o ofour community that we can contact in this efficient way – it would be great to reach 100%.
  • Parent Council: For the first time in a number of years, we will have our first parent council meeting and elections in September so that we can get the work of the council moving in September as opposed to October. The date of the first meeting and elections will be September 11th from 6:00-7:30. Please come and take part in this important work!
  • School Times: Our school pledges begin promptly at 9:25. It is critical that your child arrive on time so that we can maximize our instructional time during the day. We are working with the transportation department to make sure the buses arrive on time, and if you are a walker please be sure to arrive before 9:25.
  • Manning Before and After-School Program (MBASP): We have an incredible before and after school program that is rich in programming and offers amazing flexibility. If you are interested, you may get an application from Ms.Cheryl, Ms.Brown or CLICK HERE to download one.
  • Parking: As a reminder, during both drop off and dismissal, it is very important that you park outside the school yard and walk in with your child to drop them off or pick them up. Our yard is too small to accommodate both the buses and all the cars of our families.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We pride ourselves here at the Manning on being a place where everybody is welcome and everybody learns. This allows us to help dreams come true. We here at the Manning Community look forward to working with you and your student this year.


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