This Week’s Roundup

1.We made $3000.00 on Election Day!

Congratulations to Anna Litten, Suzy Vaitkevicius and Beth Witten for organizing the Bake Sale of all Bake Sales! Thank you to all the parents who donated their time and culinary skills to contribute some insanely delicious food; We have an amazing community of parents!!

2. Newsletter

Click the newsletter for a readable version you can also download it here.

2. Player of the Week

Marcella from 5th grade earned Player of the Week because she was a positive role model during Fall Field Day. She inspired a K1er to have more confidence during the activities by encouraging him and showing him how to play the games. Thank you, Marcella for building healthy community at the Manning.  Look for more players of the week!

3. School Site Council and Parent Council Reminder

Don’t miss the next Parent Council Meeting.  Join in the discussion with Richard Weissbourd, author of  The Parents We Mean to Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children’s Moral and Emotional Development.  Learn more here.

As always, everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the school site council meetings.  The next meeting is Tuesday November 13 at 5:00. To see October’s school site meeting minutes click here

4. Field Day Recap

It wasn’t just Halloween on October 31st – it was also Fall Field Day at the Manning! The students were paired of by grade – kindergarten and 5th, 1st and 4th, and 2nd and 3rd – for an afternoon of teamwork and community building. During relay races, soccer, tag games, epic rounds of tug of war, and cheers, Manning kids showed terrific cooperation and had a blast. We can’t wait for Field Day in the spring!


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