Player of the Week

One of the many ways we like to acknowledge our students and their hard work is through our Player of the Week Award. Each Friday Mika, our Playworks coach, selects a student who has modeled outstanding leadership and embodies the Playworks core values.


Ayisha-4th Grade

Ayisha from 4th grade was awarded Player of the Week for making the
core value Healthy Play happen for her class and the school. While
Ayisha has always shown excellent sporting behavior during class game
time and recess, she especially has worked hard to increase her
participation in activities recently. It makes a big difference when
all students come out of their shell to play hard and have fun.
Thanks, Ayisha! Keep it up!

Terran - 5th grade

Terran – 5th grade

Terren, a 5th grader, received Play of the Week for the Playworks core value healthy play. Coach Mika has been so excited to see Terren become more comfortable joining in a variety of games during recess. Thank you Terren for making our community better by bringing your teamwork skills to recess activities!

K2- Anika, Anthony, Ben, Happiness, Jacob, Mauricio, Naijaya, Rory, Tessa, Timmy, and Zev.

K2- Anika, Anthony, Ben, Happiness, Jacob, Mauricio, Naijaya, Rory, Tessa, Timmy, and Zev.

This round of Player of the Week goes to the following K2 players: Anika, Anthony, Ben, Happiness, Jacob, Mauricio, Naijaya, Rory, Tessa, Timmy, and Zev. After just learning the game of wall ball just a few week prior, they showed their confidence by participating in the K2-2nd grade wall ball tournament. They worked hard by practicing for the big day and all said that they wanted to participate because it is good to try. Great job, K2 friends–we can all learn from your eager spirit!

Julia - 4th Grade

Julia – 4th Grade

Julia from the 4th grade has earned Player of the Week for showing the Playworks core value of respect. During the 3rd-5th wall ball tournament, Julia showed outstanding sporting behavior no matter what the outcome of the games were. She cheered on the players and helped to make sure the tournament had a positive atmosphere with her awesome attitude. Julia brightens up recess, class game times, and the girls’ basketball team with her teamwork and enthusiasm. Keep rocking it, Julia!


October 26th, Marcella from 5th grade earned Player of the Week because she was a positive role model during Fall Field Day. She inspired a K1er to have more confidence during the activities by encouraging him and showing him how to play the games. Thank you, Marcella for building healthy community at the Manning


October 19th, Clementine, a 2nd grader, received Player of the Week for showing her leadership skills during recess. At the K2, 1st, and 2nd grade recess, the students from the lower grades feel awesome when 2nd grade role models show them how to play games and help them have fun. Clem does just that when she encourages the little people as they learn core recess games.


October 12th, Jesse from 4th grade is awarded Player of the Week for always supporting his teammates. Whether he is playing kickball, 4 square or ultimate ball, you can always find Jesse bringing his easygoing attitude to games and being a role model to the other players.


The Player of the Week for October 5th is Nora, a 1st grader who demonstrates the Playworks core value of healthy play. At recess, you can always find her participating in a variety of games from 4 square to wall ball to crazy kickball and more. She puts the effort into practicing games to improve her skills and confidence on the playground. Keep rocking it, Nora!


The Player of the Week for October 12th is Cleyah, one of our youngest Manning friends, and a superstar at her class game times. She respectfully reminds other students of the rules and makes them feel good with her kind words. When other students get out from a game, she encourages them by singing (yes, singing!) “good try, good try.” Cleyah is not just a role model for her classmates, but everyone in the school!


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