Manning School Newsletter, Oct 25, 2013

1. Let’s just take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we all are to:

  • have a library
  • have a full time librarian who knows all our children and cares about the books they read
  • enjoy another HUGELY SUCCESSFUL book fair 
Heartfelt thanks go out to Patti Cahill, our dedicated librarian. This year’s sale raised over $6,000, 25% of which goes to the Manning!

2. Inclusion:

a foundation of the vision pyramid 

Holding up the top of our pyramid, and a necessary step to achieving the goals in our strategic plan, is Inclusion. You’ve likely heard this term used a lot and may not even completely understand what it even means. Here a is link to the inclusion document. It’s important to note that inclusion encompasses all students and families, as it involves and benefits the whole community.

The main action items for the Inclusion committee are:

  • Better define/explain inclusion model, reality, and philosophy to families and children
  • Common language for all students and families for s-e goals
  • K2/1 SPED teacher
  • Getting families to school outside of crisis times (meaning encouraging them to participate in community events)
  • Triage K2/1 to help struggling students
  • Our success relies on partnership with the other committees, as well as the support of our school community.

3. Election Day Bake Sale

One of our biggest opportunities to fund raise for all the needs of our school (like the art program, Playworks, technology, field trips, and professional development) is the BAKE SALE.
We offer full meals to take home, as well as other baked treats and healthy snacks. This is an easy, low-stress way to contribute to the community.
To help out, please contact:
Nancy Sharkey:
Lyndsay MacNeil:

4. Volunteers Needed!  


The DANCE-A-THON will be on November 23rd from 1-3pm. Pledge sheets went home this week. If you did not receive one, contact one of the organizers (contact info below).
If you’re interested in helping out, please contact

Rachel Newton


Scott Lapollo

5. Where in the World is Mr. D’A-B?  

He’s been at the Lynch Leadership Academy, a yearlong professional development for principals. These leaders, from public, charter and parochial schools meet once a month to discuss issues regarding our schools, most notably theCommon Core State Standards.

To learn more about the LLA, visit the website, where you can learn about the mission, goals, and this year’s cohort.


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