Manning School Newsletter, November 8, 2013

1. The Manning was recently commended by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for being in the top 10% of schools for narrowing proficiency gaps. This means that the work we do is making a huge difference for all our students, and in particular for our high needs students!

Rumors have been flying about K-8 expansion in the public schools. Recently, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. D’A-B were in front of the school committee to discuss the possibility of this process being expedited for the Manning. It is already part of our 3-year strategic plan, but we’d all like to see it happen sooner. Right now, nothing is guaranteed, but you can review the BPS facilities master plan HERE.

If you are interested in participating in our letter writing campaign (it’s hugely important for the school committee to hear from parents), please contact either Anna Litten: or Amanda Lapham:

2. The Dance-a-Thon is Coming! 

The DANCE-A-THON will be on November 23rd from 1-3pm. Pledge sheets went home last week. If you did not receive one, contact one of the organizers (contact info below). 
If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Rachel Newton   

Scott Lapollo  

3. THANK YOU Bake Sale Volunteers

Shout out to Nancy Sharkey and Lyndsay MacNeil for organizing, and all you bakers and table minders for making the day happen. We raised over $1500!
4. Lunchroom Update

Most of you may be aware that school lunch is FREE for all students this year. The Manning assumes that if you prepare a lunch for your child(ren), then that is the meal you expect them to eat. We will be enforcing a rule of children eating the lunch they were sent with as a way to support parents’ nutritional concerns and to reduce waste.

Also, we have a new policy in the lunchroom that you may have heard about from your child(ren). Each grade is assigned a designated monitor during the entire lunch period and that adult is responsible for only that grade. This helps the adults focus their attention on a select group of students. Students are asked to take a water and bathroom break before entering the lunchroom and to stay seated for the entire lunch period with the exception of disposing of garbage.

5. A Word About How We Manage Students Who Need Additional Support 

 Because of the nature of the work we do at the Manning, your child may, at some point come home with questions about an ‘incident’. Often these things are innocuous, but sometimes they do concern an issue involving a student.

It is always a challenge for the school to decide when it is appropriate to alert families that there has been an “incident” with a student and how much to tell, based on making mountains out of molehills and out of respect for the student or students who may be struggling.

While there is no strict protocol, the general guidelines for communicating an incident to families include:

  • If there is an incident in the presence of other students that is particularly loud, physical, or frightening to the group of witnesses.
  • If an innocent bystander (student) is injured or harmed in some way.
It is possible that a situation escalates until a student is a danger to him or herself and emergency services need to be called. This occurred recently and some students were curious about a police car in the driveway.
If you have ANY questions at all about something your child(ren) says at home, please contact the school and ask for clarity. 

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