Manning School Newsletter December 13

1. Dance-a Thon

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Dance-a-thon on Nov. 23rd!  DJ RJ spun some great music, Ms. Lubin rockedthe mic and everyone had a great time!  As an added bonus, we raised 3,000 for Playworks!
Many, many thanks to Rachel Newton, Scott LaPollo, and all the volunteers for making this great event possible!

2. Annual Appeal

It’s that time of the year, when ’tis better to give than receive! This week, you should have received the annual appeal letter. We rely on private funding to pay for significant portions of Ms. Leesa’s salary and to cover costs associated with PlayWorks.  Every dollar counts!  Please consider giving what you can this year.

3. Expansion News

MARK YOUR CALENDAR. There will be a meeting to discuss possible K-8 plans on Tuesday, January 7th. At this meeting we will discuss our pathway to the BTU School for our general education students and a pathway for our EI students to TechBoston Academy. This is certainly not a Manning K-8, but also certainly better than the previous arrangement. We do have a school committee member who is pushing for us to have K-8 for next year, although this is still far from certain.  Both of these options are better than the previous situation and we will have to wrestle with which situation we think makes the most sense.

4. School News!

We had John Judge, President and CEO of Appalachian Mountain Club as Principal for a Day.  He loved the Manning and wants to help build stairs so that we can complete the trail in the back!
Many of our teachers visited the Henderson School, a school that is doing really well academically in the district and is known nationally for its inclusive practices.
Earlier in the year, the Manning was listed as a “Dream School”. Read about it HERE.

5. Your Questions Answered

Recently, we had two questions submitted through the FAQ form. Here are the answers!
  • By now, hopefully, questions regarding the flyer about an affinity group meeting have been answered. If you would like to follow up, please do so with Mr. D’Ablemont-Burnes. There definitely was some mixed feelings about the initial invitation to the meeting, but subsequent communication attempted to clear up any confusion.
  • Regarding the birthday book celebration and the genre challenge: at the end of every month birthdays that occurred during the month are celebrated. Most often, they are usually the last Friday of the month, but it’s always a good idea to call school to confirm!

6. Parent Council

Keep informed about what’s going on in the parent community and at school events!


Use the link below to read the Parent Council Meeting minutes. 


Parent Council Minutes


DON’T FORGET: Everyone is a member of the Parent Council. 



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