Manning School Newsletter, March 26, 2014


The first round of MCAS is nearly complete, with the 5th graders finishing up Thursday. There are quite a few fun events coming up this spring, so keep your eye on backpack notices and emails for information.


Expansion News 

 We need voices from across the community to participate in our push for expansion! 


The second meeting to discuss the plan took place on 

March 13th and served to solidify our committees and determine where our work will begin. 


Currently, we are focusing on meeting with other K-8 schoolswho have undergone an expansion and requesting time at a Jamaica Hills Association meeting in order to take the temperature of the living community surrounding our school. The support of the neighborhood is critical for everything we do, as is maintaining a good relationship with the entire community.


Updates from the Superintendent regarding the Boston School Committee plans for K-8 across the district include:

  1. The district is in the midst of considering re-programming facilities to either all K-8 or K-3s and 4-8s.  They have not made a decision about this.  It will probably play out over the next year or so.  Nothing is definite, but both scenarios are under consideration.
  2. The Superintendent has asked for a proposal for a more transparent, less political process for schools moving to K-8.  This is in draft form and he is going to push to get this done sooner than later.  He understands that we are in between the old process and this new process and said that he would figure out how to deal with schools that, “were in the pipeline.”
  3. Ethan told the Superintendent that our hope was to have a 6th grade for the fall of 2015. He said that this is possible, but certainly not definite and could work with the dynamics above.
  4. The Manning should wait until the budget is approved and then touch base with him about when we should go to School Committee.


Parent Council
Don’t miss the next Parent Council Meeting on April 8.
We will be continuing our discussion of upcoming events, as well as the K-8 expansion and other topics important to our community.
Discovery Night, April 11
Burger Slam, May 17

April 8

 School Site Council

Parent Council
Friday, April 11
Discovery Night

April 18 (Good Friday) through April 25
April Vacation
Manning Student Soars!!
Congratulations to LILY WEAVER from the 4th grade who placed 4th overall in the Citywide Spelling Bee. Lily defeated many 6th-8th graders to achieve this incredible feat of spelling!


Catch a glimpse of Lily  in this video. She’s #12!


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