Homework has a big part of our conversation at the Oct. SPC meeting.  Notes below, and add your comments, questions, etc!

Discussion about Homework at The Manning

Principal’s Perspective:

  • Homework is one way parents get to know school and one way that parents get to interact with school work.
  • There is no overall homework policy at the Manning, instead homework policies vary by teacher and grade.
  • To Mr. DB, the connection and the act of doing academic work together (parent/caregiver and student) is a large part of the reason for homework. It sends the message that learning is a priority and that you are supported in this process and I’m engaged in it with you.

Parent Perspectives:

  • Jenna Ivers provided a comprehensive list of research and articles on both sides of the spectrum regarding the usefulness of homework. Find the articles here: http://goo.gl/0ByPni
  • Parents are sometimes getting mixed messages, as sometimes students are encouraged to do their homework independently. Asking question of teachers is the best way to clear up questions
  • Some parents suggested differentiation with the assignments students get to better address their different needs and focus areas. Many teachers do this. If you have a question, ask your teacher!
  • Other parents feel that its an imposition on the family time and that its torture for their kids to sit still to complete it.
  • A parent stated that they haven’t been able to find any empirical data to support the use of homework as a vehicle for academic success in elementary school.
  • One parent has used homework more as a vehicle for self-management and ownership of ones own behaviors.
  • Another parent has found it to be a great tool for building confidence. She has found that it is useful for her son and his self-management.
  • How can SPC support parents in homework? –Things like math nights have been helpful.
  • The takeaway: if you have questions about homework, the best thing to do is to talk to your teachers if you have questions.  Teachers do not want homework to be a burden, and are often willing to work with families.

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