school front

The Manning is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Jamaica Plain. We have an instructional focus on higher order thinking skills and an inclusion program that supports success for all of our children. Our small size allows us to develop meaningful relationships with students so that we can individualize our instructional strategies and students’ social development. We are supported by an active Parent Council and powerful partnerships with the Responsive Classroom, Playworks and the Faulkner Hospital, among others. Students are offered extra science, library, art, physical education, and music each week


Teaching and learning are the most important things we do at our school. This year we have adopted an instructional focus on higher order thinking skills. Along with regular and rigorous data analysis, our teachers focus on student talk, teacher questioning and developing rigorous tasks that will challenge every student in order to develop these powerful thinking skills. We also work diligently to differentiate instruction to make sure that every student is able to reach the standard. Teachers meet weekly to review data, look at student work, collaborate on lesson planning and support their own professional development. The Instructional Leadership Team meets regularly to revisit school wide initiatives. We provide a balanced educational program with art, physical education, and music as well as a positive school culture nurtured by daily, weekly and monthly rituals and the Responsive Classroom


• Arnold Arboretum
• Community Music Center of Boston
• Courageous Sailing
• Faulkner Hospital
• Playworks
• Reading is Fundamental
• Showa Boston
• Spontaneous Celebrations
• UMass Boston – Math Department
• Wediko


• CASP Star Award for the L/AB Cluster, The Walker Home and School, 2001
• Effective Practice School, Boston Plan for Excellence & BPS, 2004
• Compass School Award, Department of Education, 2007
• Academic Achievement Framework – Cohort 1, Boston Public Schools 2010


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