Manning Community Expectations 2013-2014

Our Manning Community Expectations help to create a safe and engaging educational environment that supports all students to reach their highest possible potential.  We believe in the power of cooperation, responsibility, empathy, and self-control, and that our students’ families are always vital to creating a successful community.

Guiding Principles for All Members of the Manning Community:

  • Treat ourselves and all others with respect
  • Treat personal and school property with respect
  • Come to school prepared for learning
  • Wear school-appropriate clothing
  • Follow community rules and procedures
  • Resolve conflicts and encourage each other to make the right choices
  • After a conflict, take appropriate time and space to regain composure and continue learning
  • Try our best everyday to improve ourselves and our community
  • Create and maintain a positive and safe environment

Our Philosophy: all children can and want to succeed. In order to create a safe, engaging, and effective educational environment, children need boundaries, limits, structure, and consequences.  Staff will work with students in an age appropriate way that is matched to the unique needs of individuals.  We also expect all members of the community to support each other in taking ownership of their own behavior and making good choices.

Morning Pledge/Manning Motto

I am somebody special and smart, with kindness and love in my heart.  I pledge to work hard every day, so I can proudly say, I am the best at what I do, I can even teach you!

Community Rules

Do Your Best

Be Respectful

Be Safe

Own What You Do

Turtle Awards

Turtle awards are regularly presented to students during morning assembly for exemplary performance that reflects the school’s values.

The Responsive Classroom

We use the Responsive Classroom approach to build essential skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control. Students begin their day with a morning meeting, learn the importance of rules and logical consequences, are introduced to new materials through a guided process, and gain self-esteem through decision-making. The Responsive Classroom is designed to permeate all teaching at the school, including the thoughtful arrangement of each classroom to encourage independence, promote caring, and maximize learning.

Helpful resources on this website for Current Families:

School Calendar

Special Events


Before and Afterschool Program Updates

Parent Council


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