Inclusion at the JP Manning Elementary School



  • Inclusion at the Manning is when regular and special education students come together to learn together.


  • The goal for every student is academic and social emotional success.

Core Beliefs:

  • We believe inclusionary practices are a critical strategy in accomplishing the above goal.
  • All children can and want to succeed at high levels.
  • There are more opportunities for excellence when every voice is included and supported.
  • Students learn from each other.
  • All children can succeed in an inclusion setting; some need different supports than others.
  • Inclusion offers powerful opportunities for academic, social and emotional growth for every student.
  • Families play the fundamental role in the student’s life.
  • Every member of our community plays a role in making the Manning School education a success.


  • We welcome all children.
  • We build on student success.
  • We work diligently to help each child to feel connected to our community.
  • We challenge current standards of delivering instruction and create new ways to meet our students’ needs.
  • We acknowledge our differences as strengths and support each member of our community in growing to their fullest potential.
  • We recognize the power of language and use it thoughtfully and deliberately.
  • In our small community, we utilize relationships and our ability to know each child individually to help us support them to success.
  • We work with the family to achieve our collective goals through communication and collaboration.