Attention Manning Families:

We are doing a monthly genre challenge with the students. Genre is a category of literature. Examples of different genres are; traditional literature, fantasy, biographies, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, information to name a few, there are more!!

Each month there will be a designated genre. December’s genre is Poetry. Each month we will notify you of the genre of the month.

The challenge is to have the students read at least three books each month of that particular genre. Once I have finished reading a book each classroom teacher has a small form that the student has to fill out with their name, title of the book, genre title,grade,and a brief summary of the book. Please see an example to the right. When the form is filled out, they will bring the completed form to Ms. Cahill.

Mr. Dimerjian will be posting on the bulletin board outside the library suggested reading by grade level to help students choose books this is only suggested. They may read any book in that genre. Below are the suggested reading list. Mr. Demerjian is also listing the students names once they have met the challenge in the hallway by the library. We will acknowledge the children every month that have met the challenge and recognize the hard work they have done.

We are doing this to expose children to a variety of genres in literature, and hope to increase their reading interest and knowledge.

Please encourage your child to participate in these monthly challenges.

Any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Cahill or Mr. Demerjian.

Suggested Reading for December