“Shoot for the Moon!  If you miss, you’ll still land amongst the stars!”

Maria Karloutsos

Ms. Karloutsos, who grew up in the Moss Hill neighborhood where the Manning is located, came to the school in 2001 with degrees from Boston College and Lesley College and experience at the Mattahunt School.  “I believe in hands-on engaging instruction where children are given the quality of materials and support services they need to be successful,”  she says.

The curriculum includes Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, as well as various math, science, social studies, and book club units.

Michelle Scansaroli

Ms. Scansaroli has been at the Manning since 2007, after completing training at Northeastern University and the Boston Teacher Residency program.  Of her teaching philosophy she says, “students and their education are our future.  It’s important that students receive a meaningful education that is approached in a holistic approach (mind/body and social/emotional).  “My favorite thing about teaching is that I am able to learn from my students as I teach them, and my favorite thing about the Manning is that it’s a small school where everyone is able to know each other and learn together.”