Manning ValuesManning Elementary School Values

  1. We work diligently to help each child to feel connected to our community.  Because of this, we believe in the importance of families and community and know that we need to communicate and collaborate with them to reach our collective goals.
  2. We welcome all children to our school community and believe all children deserve an excellent education and have something to contribute to that education.  We believe an excellent public education is the key to not only our students’ future, but also our city and society’s future.
  3. We believe each child can and wants to succeed at their highest individual potential.  We know and understand that each child is unique and needs different supports and resources to reach their highest potential.  If we understand that a student is not achieving at their highest levels, we take action to ensure that they do.
  4. We believe that social-emotional, physical and academic development are intertwined and all important.  We believe in the importance of curiosity and creativity in a child’s education and we know we need to listen to children to be able to fully engage them in their educational growth.
  5. We believe that as adults, it is our job to help students reach their highest potential by having high standards for ourselves, collaborating to improve our practice, being open to learning at all times, and respecting all at all times.
  6. We honor and believe in the power of relationships. We are compassionate in our interactions with children and each other and understand that behavior is a function of a student’s experience.

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